Thank you, Old Bridge – New Beginnings

Thank you, Old Bridge – New Beginnings

Some afterthoughts following the grand opening day.

What a grand day it was!

The Halal Spot team recently finished cleaning the up equipment, mopping the floors, and scrubbing the dishes. Needless to say, we’re a bit tired, but you couldn’t tell if you saw us. We’re still glowing after partaking in such a grand, grand event.

We asked Old Bridge to come out and show their support for us, to believe in us, to give us the time of their day… and the community did not disappoint.

Families, children, couples, and groups of friends all stopped by to be a part of the celebration, and to experience The Halal Spot’s flavors, hospitality, and service. To all those that joined us, we hope that your experience made an everlasting impression! Thank you for believing in us. Your participation keeps us going, and your feedback is always valued.

New menu items exclusively available at The Halal Spot of Old Bridge:

  • Paneer Makhni (Curry)
  • The Big Chip (Dessert)

We’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to the mayor of Old Bridge, Owen Henry, for kicking things off with the epic Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The next shout out goes to the entire staff at The Halal Spot. The dedication and conviction of their efforts, especially over the past several weeks, is praise-worthy.

Not only were guests able to enjoy the 15% Discount (compliments of the Grand Opening), they also had the opportunity to spin the wheel and win a prize. Needless to say, prizes were won all day!

Free prizes a la Spin the Wheel – Grand Opening Special

Lastly, a new star was born today as The Big Chip made its long-anticipated debut! Come out and enjoy the chocolate chip & walnut, ooey-gooey goodness.

Thanks to everyone who came out. We’re all looking forward to a bright future ahead!